Field & The Island

9 / 10 | 18:00 Tickets | Going. / 50 zł Małopolska Garden of Art

Two unique performances at the closing of the festival: the spectacular Field performance by Canadian artist Martin Messier, inspired by the phenomenon of the natural electromagnetic fields, and challenging blind faith in progress an audiovisual concert The Island by French artist Franck Vigroux in a duet with Kurt d’Haeseleer.
The amount of seats is limited.

Note: This program is not suitable for people who are sensitive to flashing light.




An audiovisual performance inspired by violent atmospheric phenomena and the electromagnetic field omnipresent in the environment, from which sound can be generated. These residual electrical signals, imperceptible to the eyes and ears, are picked up by microphones with electromagnetic transducers and become the material that creates an extraordinary sound spectacle. On stage, Martin Messier interacts with two aluminum panels – through the constant movement of connecting and disconnecting them, creating phenomenal sound and light compositions.

Małopolska Garden of Art


A sensual and intense performance, inspired by dystopian stories about islands and valleys, flooded by the construction of dams that cause perturbations to people and the environment. A good example is the Three Gorges Dam in China, the largest hydropower plant in the world, the construction of which even affected the rotation speed of our planet. The Island questions blind faith in progress without taking into account the environmental consequences.

The project is presented in cooperation with the French Institute in Warsaw.

Małopolska Garden of Art