During three discussion panels, you will learn about the alternatives to the climate catastrophe offered by artists, designers, visionaries and experts from different disciplines. 

Two online panels, prepared in cooperation with FutureEverything, curated and led by Irini Mirena Papadimitriou, artistic director of the FutureEverything – British organisation that has been operating on the border of art, science and activism for almost thirty years. In this program, renowned artists, designers, scientists and researchers will share work and methodologies that go beyond existing power structures and established ways of thinking: from mining and exploitation to new opportunities, affinities and visions for the future.
Among the invited guests are: Jay Springett – theorist and strategist of hybrid environments, associated with the Solarpunk movement, Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Danish artist creating works based on cooperation with field biologists, Nick Laessing researching the possibilities of confronting eco-crisis with art, Giulia Bellinetti from the Future Materials Bank, activist Maya Chowdhry and Robertina Šebjanič – the author of the Aquatocene. The subaquatic quest for serenity installation presented at the exhibition _econtinuum.
Online panels will be conducted in English.

The third panel in Polish will take place live in Krakow on Friday and will be hosted by Agnieszka Obszańska, a former journalist of Radio Trójka, and now Radio 357. Expect talks with the invited guests: Joanna Kurkowska, Paweł Janicki and Joanna Murzyn, about what is digital ecology and what role digital art and NFT play in this context.