RECONDITE [Plangent, Innervisions, Dystopian]_DE
Vi /SLAP/ Wrocław
Spectribe /SLAP/ Wrocław
Diabot /Strikt/ Kraków
visuals | Tving Stage Design 

On Saturday evening, the German producer Recondite, one of the leading figures in contemporary electronic music, will play a live-set. He is currently one of the most expressive producers and live performers on stage, remaining faithful to his inspirations, which he often finds in nature. Over the years he has developed his own peculiar style and it is difficult to confuse his sounds with anyone else. Expect spatial, deep and sensual electronics at its best, characterised by a melodic line and usually quite strong kick. The producer has many great releases in his catalogue, and one of them, a characteristic piece entitled Levo, was used as the theme music in the HBO series Young Pope. His recordings have been published by Dystopian, Hotflush and Ghostly International, and his latest album Taum has already been released on his own label Plangent.

This evening, a strong representation of the Wrocław scene will also play, i.e. Vi and Spectribe from the SLAP collective and Diabot (Strikt).
Tomasz Gawroński (Tving Stage Design) will take care of the visuals.

50 zł pre-sale via Going. | until 7.10
60 zł at the entrance | 8.10


The event is organised in cooperation with the Goethe Intstitut in Krakow