Lorenz Brunner is a German producer who created one of the most expressive voices in electronic music, characterised by minimal composition inspired by nature. From an early age, Brunner developed a unique sense of independence, often exploring the nature around him. He became famous thanks to the album “On Acid” released for the Los Angeles-based Absurd label. The release brilliantly shows how to use the legendary techno motorics and the TR-303 sound in an unusual way to create deep and sensual sounds.

His career has gained momentum since the release of this album, his records have been published by Dystopian, Hotflush and Ghostly International. For this legendary American label he prepared “Hinterland” inspired by the cycles of nature. Dreamy, relaxing and with a hint of melancholy. Minimalist in means, but very effective and engaging a wide range of senses. An important role in Recondite’s work is also played by the atmospheric ambient, neat deep house and carefully collected field recordings. The producer creates multi-colored sound landscapes. Resident Advisor describes his music as “meditative” and the magazine De: Bug calls it “a modern version of Richard Wagner’s opera” Twilight of the Gods”