[Update 5th Jan 2023]

The 11th edition of the Patchlab Festival _econtinuum is over, but crowdfunding action to support the Seed Bank in Kharkiv was continued until the 5th Jan 2023.
The National Gene Bank of Plants of Ukraine is one of the ten largest seed banks in the world. Unfortunately, as a result of the Russian bombing of Kharkiv in May 2022, the bank lost nearly 30% of its priceless seeds. Most of the resources have been preserved in the underground warehouse of the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, however, the work of the institute is very difficult, and the financing of its work, due to the ongoing war, is limited.

All the collected amount was transferred to the account of the National Gene Bank of Plants of Ukraine.
We would like to thank all those who, together with us, supported the maintenance of the continuity of the Seed Bank’s work to rebuild the heritage so priceless for all of humanity.